Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2013

Table of Contents


Folding and Fundamental Groups of Flat Robertson-walker Space  | 
A. E. El-Ahmady 4235-4242
On Fuzzy Spheres in Fuzzy Lobachevsky Space and its Retractions  | 
A. E. El-Ahmady, K. Al-Onemi 4243-4248
Experimental Study of Axially Compressed Cold Formed Steel Channel Columns  | 
Sreedhar Kalavagunta, Sivakumar Naganathan, Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustapha 4249-4254
Capacity Assessment and Design of CFRP-Strengthened Steel Channel Columns  | 
Sreedhar Kalavagunta, Sivakumar Naganathan, Kamal Nasharuddin Bin Mustapha 4255-4261
A Calorimetric Study of Ti-6AL-4V Alloy  | 
S. Manikandan, S. Ramanathan, V. Ramakrishnan 4262-4267
Achieving Privacy in Data Mining using Normalization  | 
G. Manikandan, N. Sairam, S. Sharmili, S. Venkatakrishnan 4268-4272
Modelling the Determinants of ICTs Policy Formulation in Technical and Vocational Education in Nigerian Institution of Higher Learning  | 
Babawuro Shu'aibu, Muhammad Sukri Bin Saud, Hassan Bello, Yusri Kamin, Yahaya Buntat 4273-4281
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Groups Induced by (t, s)-norm  | 
Naveed Yaqoob, Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Aslam 4282-4289
Name Entity Recognizer for Odia using Conditional Random Fields  | 
R. C. Balabantaray, S. K. Lenka, D. Sahoo 4290-4293
Stochastic Divination of Reckoning Enactment on Multi Class Queuing System  | 
K. Sivaselvan, C. Vijayalakshmi 4294-4298
An ECC Based Multibiometric System for Enhancing Security  | 
U. Mahalakshmi, V. S. Shankar Sriram 4299-4305
A Survey on Removal of Duplicate Records in Database  | 
S. Krishna Anand 4306-4311
A Boosting Frame Work for Improved Content Based Image Retrieval  | 
M. Sasi Kumar, Y. S. Kumaraswamy 4312-4316
Analysis of Scheduling the Independent CCHBs for Partially Reconfigurable FPGA  | 
N. Bharathi, P. Neelamegam 4317-4323
A Rare Uterine Mass - Case Report  | 
N. Hephzibah Kirubamani, Shruthi Kamal 4324-4328
Acute Toxicity Bioassays of Cadmium and Mercury on the Juveniles of Asian Seabass Lates calcarifer (Bloch)  | 
V. Mohan Raj, A. R. Thirunavukkarasu, M. Kailasam, M. Muralidhar, R. Subburaj, P. Stalin 4329-4335
A Genetic Algorithm Based Intuitionistic Fuzzification Technique for Attribute Selection  | 
S. Senthamilarasu, M. Hemalatha 4336-4346
Parametric Analysis on Delamination in Drilling of Wood Composite Panels  | 
T. N. Valarmathi, K. Palanikumar, S. Sekar 4347-4356
Growth and Characterisation of Lanthanum Doped Sulphamic Acid Single Crystal  | 
B. Kannan, P. R. Seshadri, P. Murugakoothan, K. Ilangovan 4357-4361
The Evaluation of Saravan Fault Activities in Iran on the Basis of Geomorphologic Evidences  | 
Mohsen Jami, Elahe Javadi Mousavi, Atieh Hadizadeh, Mohsen Pourkermani 4362-4367
A New Reformulation and an Exact Algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment Problem  | 
Zakir Hussain Ahmed 4368-4377
Weld Defect Detection using Iterative Image Reconstruction Methods  | 
B. Venkatraman, M. M. Anishin Raj, V. Vaithiyanathan 4378-4383
An Effective Storage Encryption Solution  | 
Shakil Ahmed, Khairulmizam Samsudin, Abdul Rahman Ramli, Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani 4384-4389
Active Contour Based Medical Image Segmentation and Compression using Biorthogonal Wavelet and Embedded Zerotree  | 
R. Loganathan, Y. S. Kumaraswamy 4390-4395
A Survey on Secure Storage in Cloud Computing  | 
A. Rajathi, N. Saravanan 4396-4401

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