Volume 7, Supplementary 5, June 2014

Table of Contents


A Study on the Dairy Industries in India  | 
Mario Gabriele Miranda, S. Ramachandran 1-2
On Coloring of Fish Tail Graph  | 
N. Ramya 3-4
A Simple Proof on Coloring of Dominated Special Graphs  | 
G. Subashini 5-6
On Star Chromatic Number of P3(n)  | 
N. Ramya 7-8
Case Study of Ferro Cement Coating Technique on Masonry Walls  | 
A. Sujatha 9-9
Structures for Sports Centre  | 
G. Immanuel, K. Kharthi 10-15
Requirements of a Building  | 
G. Immanuel 16-19
NMR Spectral Studies of some Six-membered and Seven-membered Saturated Hetero Cyclic Compounds and Preparation of some Seven-membered Saturated Hetero Cyclic Compounds and NMR Measurements  | 
V. Krishnasamy, S. Rosy Christy 20-21
Optimization Solution of Equal Dimension Boxes in Container Loading Problem Using a Permutation Block Algorithm  | 
E. Kanniga, S. M. K. Srikanth, M. Sundhararajan 22-26
A Theoretical Account on Beta Decay Stability for Isobaric Family  | 
M. Nageshwari 27-30
A Reliable Communication Scheme for Vanet Communication Environments  | 
N. Sakthipriya, P. Sathyanarayanan 31-36
Innovative Approach of Testing in Event Driven Software (EDS)  | 
A. R. Arunachalam 37-40
Bringing out the Effective Learning Process by Analyzing of E-learning Methodologies  | 
A. R. Arunachalam 41-43
An Efficient Data Mining Dataset Preparation Using Aggregation in Relational Database  | 
S. Brintha Rajakumari, C. Nalini 44-46
Data Quality Mining in Electronic News Paper  | 
S. Brintha Rajakumari 47-50
Energy Conservation in Urban Transport  | 
V. Thamizharasan 51-55
Similarity Analysis of Pressure Distribution along the Wake Axis of Elliptic Cones  | 
M. Sundararaj, S. Elangovan, B. T. N. Sridhar 56-60
Effect of Rib Geometry on the Base Pressure of Suddenly Expanded Flows  | 
M. Sundararaj, C. Yuvaraj, S. Gopinath, S. Elangovan 61-63
Efficient Resource Allocation in Multicasting over Mobile Adhoc Networks  | 
K. Rajkumar 71-75
Attribute Based Spanning Tree Construction for Data Aggregation in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
R. Jayalakshmi, B. Baranidharan, B. Santhi 76-79
Enhancement of Information Hiding in Audio Signals with Efficient Lsb Based Methods  | 
P. Rameshkumar, M. Monisha, B. Santhi 80-85

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