Volume 7, Issue 6, June 2014

Table of Contents


Prediction of Base Shear for Three Dimensional RC Frame Subjected to Lateral Load using Artificial Neural Network  | 
N. Jayaramappa, A. Krishna, B. P. Annpurna, T. Kiran 729-733
Some Results about Duality of Generalized Bessel Sequences  | 
Mohammad Sadegh Asgari, Golsa Kavian 734-744
Linked Open Data: Towards the Realization of Semantic Web - A review  | 
Shah Khusro, Fouzia Jabeen, Syed Rahman Mashwani, Iftikhar Alam 745-764
Clinical Outcomes of Intra-aortic Balloon Counterpulsation in Patients with St Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Experience at our Tertiary Care Hospital  | 
Amit Joshi, S. V. Patted, P. C. Halkati, Sameer Ambar 765-769
Epidemic Dynamics of Malicious Code Detection Architecture in Critical Environment  | 
A. Edwin Robert, M. Hemalatha 770-775
A Beta Regression Model for Himalayan Medicinal Plant Disease Prediction  | 
Radhika Sharma, V. D. Shivling, Dinesh Kumar, Atul Kumar Sharma 776-780
Data Mining Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System  | 
Chandrashekar Azad, Vijay Kumar Jha 781-789
Impact of Irrigation Regimes on Growth, Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Sweet Pepper  | 
A. S. Lodhi, A. Kaushal, K. G. Singh 790-794
A Novel PSO Based Approach with Hybrid of Fuzzy C-means and Learning Automata in Software Cost Estimation  | 
Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh, Laya Ebrahimi, Isa Maleki, Saman Joudati Gourabi 795-803
Selection of Appropriate Software Architecture Style with Square Spline in Style Based Systems  | 
Hamidreza Hasannejad, Homayun Motameni, Hossein Nematzadeh 804-808
Designing a Wireless Sensor Network for Ocean Status Notification System  | 
Ali Ghaffari 809-814
A Survey and Taxonomy of Leader Election Algorithms in Distributed Systems  | 
Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh, Hassan Arjang 815-830
Hiding Sensitive Association Rules by Elimination Selective Item among R.h.s Items for each Selective Transaction  | 
Atefe Ramezani, Mohammad Naderi Dehkordi, Faramrz Safi Esfahani 831-837
A New Approach to Software Project Cost Estimation Using a Hybrid Model of Radial Basis Function Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm  | 
Maryam Molani, Ali Ghaffari, Ahmad Jafarian 838-843
A New Approach for Inter Process Communication with Hybrid of Message Passing Mechanism and Event Based Software Architecture  | 
Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh, Esmail Amini, Isa Maleki 844-852
Comparative Study of Fuzzy C Means and K Means Algorithm for Requirements Clustering  | 
Ananthi Sheshasayee, P. Sharmila 853-857
Implementation of Artificial Neural Network for Mobile Movement Prediction  | 
J. Venkata Subramanian, M. Abdul Karim Sadiq 858-863
Regression Model Using Instance Based Learning Streams  | 
P. K. Srimani, Malini M. Patil 864-870
Distributed Group Key Management Protocol over Non-commutative Division Semirings  | 
G. S. G. N. Anjaneyulu, A. Sanyasirao 871-876
Advances in Laplace Type Integral Transforms with Applications  | 
A. Aghili, H. Zeinali 877-890

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