Volume 9, Issue 33, September 2016

Table of Contents


Design of Trapezoidal Cantilever Beam for HIV Virus Detection  | 
R. Ushaa Nandhini, C. Likith Kumar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99590 | Total views: 501
An Analysis of Reconstruction Algorithms Applied to 3D Building Modeling  | 
J. Divya Udayan
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/85335 | Total views: 403
Environmental Noise Classification using LDA, QDA and ANN Methods  | 
Safdar Tanweer, Abdul Mobin, Afshar Alam
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95628 | Total views: 327
Cancellation of Interference and Malicious User in Cognitive Radio  | 
J. Avila, K. Thenmozhi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/65159 | Total views: 279
Analysis of Current FPGA-Based Image Watermarking Attempts  | 
Taha Basheer Taha, Ehkan Phaklen, Ngadiran Ruzelita
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/88449 | Total views: 300
Corrosion Investigation on Conventional and Nanocomposite (Ni-P-Al2O3-TiO2) coated Mild Steel by In-Plant Test in Digester of a Paper Mill  | 
Maheswary Sourabh, Sharma Sulaxna, Sharma Awanish
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/86220 | Total views: 297
Experimental Performance of Buried Tube Heat Exchanger Validated by Simulation Performance in Heating Climate Condition  | 
Rakesh D. Patel, P. V. Ramana
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98788 | Total views: 253
Data Association and Prediction for Tracking Multiple Objects  | 
M. Chandrajit, R. Girisha, T. Vasudev, M. Hemesh
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/91676 | Total views: 334
An Isolated Zeta Converter Topology for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive with Power Factor Correction  | 
Bathula Anil Kumar, Seelam Sasikanth, M. Kiran Kumar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99490 | Total views: 317
Guarding Architecture for Unattended Deployment Applications of Ad Hoc Networks: GARUDA  | 
Arun Madhu, A. Sreekumar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/90059 | Total views: 217
Domain Specific Automated Triaging System for Bug Classification  | 
Heena Singla, Gitika Sharma, Sumit Sharma
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/97891 | Total views: 312
Study of Sound Absorption Properties on Rigid Polyurethane Foams using FEA  | 
L. Yuvaraj, G. Vijay, S. Jeyanthi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101342 | Total views: 341
Fault Diagnosis of Bearings using Vibration Signals and Wavelets  | 
V. Dhanush Abhijit, V. Sugumaran, K. I. Ramachandran
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101325 | Total views: 440
A Hybrid Scheme based on Big Data Analytics using Intrusion Detection System  | 
Shaik Akbar, T. Srinivasa Rao, Mohammed Ali Hussain
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/97037 | Total views: 563
Impact Behaviour of PMC Reinforced with Fibers under Sub Zero Temperature: A Review  | 
P. A. Prasob, M. Sasikumar, P. Tamil Selvan
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/88737 | Total views: 451
Neural Network Classification for user Profile Learning over Digital Library Recommendation Engine  | 
Disha Sharma, Sumit Kaur, Diksha
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/96317 | Total views: 284
Fire Fly Optimization Algorithm based Clustering by Preventing Residual Nodes in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
Ramandeep Kaur, Anupam Mittal, Ruchi Aggarwal
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95830 | Total views: 383
Improvement in Kernel based Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Legendre Fenchel Denoising  | 
R. Reshma, V. Sowmya, K. P. Soman
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99594 | Total views: 222
Least Square based Signal Denoising and Deconvolution using Wavelet Filters  | 
R. Praveena, V. Sowmya, K. P. Soman
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99598 | Total views: 294
Design of an Intelligent Pillow with Maternal Temperature and Heartbeat Vibrations for Comforting NICU Infants  | 
P. Nandhini, J. Bethanney Janney, Sindu Divakaran
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99606 | Total views: 299
Disabling Camera Features in a Mobile Phone in Restricted Zones  | 
Dhivahar Perumal, Sharmila Sankar, M. Sandhya
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99608 | Total views: 235
Impact of Temperature Variation on Resonant Frequency of Active Grounded Inductor-based Bandpass Filter  | 
Shrey Khanna, Debosmit Majumder, Vikash Kumar, Santashraya Prasad, Aminul Islam
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99505 | Total views: 303
TG based 2T2M RRAM using Memristor as Memory Element  | 
Chandramauleswar Roy, Aminul Islam
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99508 | Total views: 624
High Vt-low Leakage FDSOI Device for Ultra-low Power Operation  | 
Manisha Guduri, Amit Krishna Dwivedi, Aminul Islam
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99516 | Total views: 261
Dynamic and Secure Joint Routing and Charging Scheme with Mobile Power Back Ferry Nodes in Mobile Adhoc Networks  | 
R. Vallikannu, A. George, S. K. Srivatsa
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99592 | Total views: 194
Design and Implementation of Arduino based Refreshable Braille Display Controller  | 
Rushil Gupta, Parikshit Kishor Singh, Surekha Bhanot
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99593 | Total views: 312
Estimating the size of E-Learning System using Learning Object Points Method  | 
Shiny Angel, Paul Rodrigues
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/87656 | Total views: 215
Design of Out-of-Order Floating-Point Unit  | 
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/92999 | Total views: 195
Behavioural Impact, Joint Media Management (Parent Co-viewing) and Knowledge Management of Parents among Children in Chennai  | 
S. Sudha
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/93408 | Total views: 250
An Aircraft Health Monitoring System using IOT  | 
Arunakumar Angadi, Ryan Dias, Mohmad Umair Bagali
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95625 | Total views: 298
Design and Comparative Analysis of Domino Logic Styles  | 
M. Hanumanthu, N. Bala Dastagiri, B. Abdul Rahim, P. Somasundar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99618 | Total views: 238
Generating Drug-Gene Association for Vibrio Cholerae using Ontological Profile Similarity  | 
C. Geethanjali, S. Bhanumathi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99620 | Total views: 222
Semi-Supervised Churn Clustering for Fault and Constraints Prediction in Telecom Industry  | 
Narasimhan Kamalraj, Arunachalam Malathi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/79842 | Total views: 256
Multi Voltage Multi Circuit Transmission Tower Design to Reduce Right of Way  | 
Yasaswini, S. V. N. L. Lalitha, Shefali Talati
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95724 | Total views: 284
State and use of Educational Technology: A Study of Colleges in Tamil Nadu, India  | 
Salini Rosaline, J. Reeves Wesley
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/96005 | Total views: 250
Mental State Recognition by using Brain Waves  | 
H. M. Mallikarjun, H. N. Suresh, P. Manimegalai
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99622 | Total views: 265
Effective Customer Churn Prediction on Large Scale Data using Metaheuristic Approach  | 
K. Sivasankar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99013 | Total views: 378
Study on Strength Characteristics of Soil with Agro Waste  | 
Manimaran, D. Karthikeyan, P. T. Ravichandran, Joga Jaya Prakash Reddy
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95850 | Total views: 271
Detecting Node Masquerade Attack using RLE Method  | 
Rimple Manni, Lavish Kansal
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/94202 | Total views: 192
Productivity Improvement through Automated Loading of Brake Plates into Conveyor System in an Automobile Industry  | 
U. Mohammed Iqbal, J. Dinesh, R. Yogeshwaran
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/94561 | Total views: 183
Classification of Digital Intra Oral Periapical Radiographs by Selecting a Feature Vector using Hybrid Method for Selection of Features  | 
shubhangi Vinayak Tikhe, Anjali Milind Naik, Sadashiv Dattatraya Bhide, T Saravanan, K. P. Kaliyamurthie
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/96028 | Total views: 234
Designing a Feature Vector for Statistical Texture Analysis of Mandibular Bone  | 
Anjali Milind Naik, Shubhangi Vinayak Tikhe, Sadashiv D. Bhide, K. P. Kaliyamurthie, T. Saravanan
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/96305 | Total views: 231
Effectiveness of Alkali Activators on Nano Structured Flyashin Geopolymer Mortar  | 
L. Krishnaraj, P. T. Ravichandran, P. R. Kannan Rajkumar, P. Keerthy Govind
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95866 | Total views: 245
Utilisation of Phosphogypusm and Flyash in Soil Stabilisation  | 
K. Divya Krishnan, P. T. Ravichandran, C. Sudha, V. Janani, Manisha Gunturi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95976 | Total views: 227
Effectiveness Study of RBI81 in Stabilisation of Soil  | 
P. T. Ravichandran, K. Divya Krishnan, Manisha Gunturi, C. Sudha, P. R. Kannan Rajkumar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95977 | Total views: 246
Study on Improvement of Soil Behaviour by Bio-Stabilsation Method  | 
N. Kamaraj, V. Janani, P. T. Ravichandran, D. Nigitha, K. Priyanka
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95979 | Total views: 310
Fault Diagnosis of Helical Gearbox through Vibration Signals using Wavelet Features, J48 Decision Tree and Random Forest Classifiers  | 
Ayush Kimothi, Ameet Singh, V. Sugumaran, M. Amarnath
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101334 | Total views: 335
Vibration based Brake Fault Diagnosis using Voting Feature Interval and Decision Tree with Histogram Features  | 
S. Aravinth, R. Jegadeeshwaran, V. Sugumaran
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101336 | Total views: 216
Attitudinal Analysis of Rural Consumers towards FMCG Products in Sivagangai District  | 
K. Asha, A. Merlin Thanga Joy
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98461 | Total views: 234
Extended Hamming SEC-DAED-TAED based Fault Detection Technique for AES Encryption and Decryption  | 
K. Sandyarani, P. Nirmal Kumar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/88973 | Total views: 240
Relationship between Window-to-Floor Area Ratio and Single-Point Daylight Factor in Varied Residential Rooms in Malaysia  | 
Al-Tamimi Nedhal, Fadzil Sharifah Fairuz Syed, Abdullah Adel
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/86216 | Total views: 596
Performance Assessment of WiMAX using Diverse FEC Schemes over Fading Channels  | 
Mahwash Manzoor, Lavish Kansal
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/94159 | Total views: 186
Fault Diagnosis of Roller Bearings with Sound Signals using Wavelets and Decision Tree Algorithm  | 
Abhijit D. Gaikwad, V. Sugumaran, M. Amarnath
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101337 | Total views: 266
Gesture Recognition Algorithm: Braille-Coded Gesture Patterns for Touch Screens: Eyedroid  | 
M. Shabnam, S. Govindarajan
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/89777 | Total views: 306
Study on Dual-Phase Structure of AISI4140 Steel  | 
B. M. Gurumurthy, S. S. Sharma, M. C. Gowri Shankar, Romit Walia, Tanishq Agarwal
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/93526 | Total views: 212
Corporate Governance – The Importance of Communication and Culture  | 
B. Nalina, N. Panchanatham
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98510 | Total views: 493
Implementation of Low Power Pipelined 64-bit RISC Processor with Unbiased FPU on CPLD  | 
J. Vijay Kumar, B. Naga Raju, M. Vasu Babu, K. Sreelekha, T. Ramanjappa
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/89815 | Total views: 221
Effect of Once-through and Recirculated Fluid Flow on Thermal Performance of Parabolic Dish Solar Receiver  | 
Ramalingam Senthil, Marimuthu Cheralathan
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/89084 | Total views: 265
An Empirical Analysis of Students’ Expectation, Perception and Satisfaction towards Service Quality of College of Business Administration; Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Al Kharj, KSA  | 
Teg Alam
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95003 | Total views: 731
Emoticon based Sentiment Analysis using Parallel Analytics on Hadoop  | 
V. Jude Nirmal, D. I. George Amalarethinam
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/87336 | Total views: 306
Organization’s Role in Serving Community by Enhancing: Corporate Social Responsibilities  | 
Sameer Mohammed Dandan, Annmarie Gorenc Zoran
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/97108 | Total views: 323
A Novel Fuzzy-Genetic Hybrid Classification Algorithm for Soil Profile Data  | 
D. Ashok Kumar, N. Kannathasan
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/84153 | Total views: 212
Real-Time Ambience Sensing and Image Authentication using Internet of Things (IOT) in a Fleet Tracking System  | 
M. Sangeetha, P. Vijayakumar, B. Madhukar Krishna, U. Sai Krishna
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/92704 | Total views: 318
Characteristic Selection with Rough Sets for Web Page Ranking  | 
G. Anuradha, N. Deepak Kumar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/97032 | Total views: 240
Fault Diagnostics of a Gearbox via Acoustic Signal using Wavelet Features, J48 Decision Tree and Random Tree Classifier  | 
Shantanu Gupta, Siju K. Abraham, V. Sugumaran, M. Amarnath
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101328 | Total views: 378
Fault Diagnosis of a Single Point Cutting Tool using Statistical Features by Simple CART Classifier  | 
Nirmal Mangal, M. Ramesh Nachiappan, M. Elangovan, V. Sugumaran
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101339 | Total views: 284
Fault Diagnosis of a Single Point Cutting Tool using Statistical Features by Random Forest Classifier  | 
Cynthia Deb, M. Ramesh Nachiappan, M. Elangovan, V. Sugumaran
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101340 | Total views: 336
Fault Diagnosis of Helical Gearbox Using Vibration Signals through K-Star Algorithm and Wavelet Features  | 
Nikhil Pawar, V. Sugumaran, Ameet Singh, M. Amarnath
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101341 | Total views: 306
Quasi Static Axial Crushing of Foam Filled Thin Walled Circular Tubes  | 
Kevin Mathew Koshy, S. Jeyanthi
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101344 | Total views: 296
Fuzzy ANP Model to Measure the Maintainability of Desktop Software based on Software Development Factors  | 
Adesh Kumar Pandey, C. P. Agrawal
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/100218 | Total views: 246
Effects of Non-Standard Schedules on the Life of BPO Employees  | 
Fabian Andrew James, R. Manimalar, S. Sudha
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/88002 | Total views: 192
Study on Suitability of Red Earth as Liner Material based on its Performance with Acidic and Basic Pb (II) Solutions  | 
Jittin Varghese, P. Lakshmi Sruthi, Mary Harris, P. Hari Prasad Reddy
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99173 | Total views: 171
Use of Apriori Information in Estimating Mean of a Normal Population– Second Order Relative Efficiencies  | 
B. Bhaskara Rama Sarma, V. Vasanta Kumar
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/89897 | Total views: 175
Spiritual Leadership and its Contribution to Soft Dimensions of Total Quality Management – Relevance to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India  | 
Srinidhi K. Parthasarathi, K. V. S. Rajeswara Rao, P. Narayana Reddy
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98959 | Total views: 368
Fatigue Life Prediction of a Commercial Vehicle Radiator under Internal Pressure Cycling Loading  | 
P. Robin Roy, V. Hariram, M. Subramanian
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98483 | Total views: 274
Wireless Controlled Surveillance Mobile Robot through a Customized Web-User Interface  | 
M. Chandrasekaran, A. Lakshmi Srinivas, Bharat Nallan Chakravarthy
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98565 | Total views: 233
Safeguard Issues in Information Security  | 
Ashwani Kumar Dubey, Ayush Sharma, Priyanka Mehta
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98921 | Total views: 408
Modified Dijkstra’s Algorithm for Dense Graphs on GPU using CUDA  | 
Dhirendra Pratap Singh, Nilay Khare
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/87795 | Total views: 669
Fault Diagnosis of Helical Gear Box using Vibration Signals through Random Tree and Wavelet Features  | 
Abhi Srivastava, Ameet Singh, V. Sugumaran, M. Amarnath
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101330 | Total views: 332
Acoustic Signal Based Condition Monitoring of Gearbox using Wavelets and Decision Tree Classifier  | 
Siju K. Abraham, V. Sugumaran, M. Amarnath
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101335 | Total views: 295
Survey on Reactive Medium Access Control Mechanism for Peer to Peer Heterogeneous Multi Hop Networks  | 
L. Sridhara Rao, Mohammed Ali Hussain
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/97547 | Total views: 235
Performance and Emission Analysis of Compression Ignition Engine Coupled with Electric Generator Set used Bakain Methyl Ester as Fuel  | 
Indraj Singh, V. Sahni
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/98071 | Total views: 201
Fault Diagnosis of Helical Gearbox through Vibration Signals using J48 Decision Tree and Wavelet  | 
Ameet Singh, V. Sugumaran, M. Amarnath
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/101338 | Total views: 227
Secured Image Compression using Wavelet Transform  | 
G. Suseela, Niharika Kumari, Y. Asnath Victy Phamila
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/92311 | Total views: 240
A Random Congestion Routing Protocol Based on Queue Latency and Link Reliability Estimation in MANETs  | 
K. Srinivas, A. A. Chari
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/97500 | Total views: 214
Detection of Malware of Code Clone using String Pattern Back Propagation Neural Network Algorithm  | 
Simarleen Kaur, Arvinder Kaur
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/95880 | Total views: 568
Abrasive Wear Response of SiCp Reinforced ZA-43 Alloy Metal Matrix Composite  | 
Mohammad Mohsin Khan, Vedvyas Gurupanchayan, Gajendra Dixit
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/87329 | Total views: 286
Intelligent Two Wheeler System  | 
Sushil Paul, J. M. E. Shafiq Mansoor
DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i33/99624 | Total views: 191

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