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Nawaz, Asad

  • Design and Analysis of Second Order Passive Filters for Grid Connected Inverter with Series and Parallel Damping Resistors

      Raheel Afzal,   Mohsin Jamil,   Adeel Waqas,   Asad Nawaz,   M. Arifeen Ali,   Mazhar Hussain Mailk
    Volume 9, Issue 21, June 2016 - Articles

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  • Design and Comparison of PID and Proportional Resonant Controllers for Matrix Converter

      M. Arifeen Ali,   Mohsin Jamil,   Raheel Afzal,   Asad Nawaz,   Gussan Mufti,   M. Zubair,   Syed Omer Gilani
    Volume 10, Issue 5, February 2017 - Articles

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