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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 4, Pages: 239-248

Original Article

A Comparative Study on the Design of Pre-Engineered Building with Indian and American Codes

Received Date:12 October 2022, Accepted Date:24 December 2022, Published Date:25 January 2023


Objective: To compare the Industrial Gable Building using both Indian and American Codes. The Study is focused on arriving the tonnage differences and variations in the design parameters. Methods: A detailed study on Indian and American codes is done for the Gable Building. The Industrial Building is designed using various codes i.e., ASCE 7-16, MBMA-2012, IS 875 (part 1-5), IS 1893-2007, IS 800. The study project is then analyzed using the StaadPro Software for both the codes. Findings: Under similar environmental conditions and exposures, the American code is seemed to be more effective when compared to the Indian code having a weight difference of 38%. The revision of IS code will make it compatible with other international standards. Separate code book for Pre-Engineered buildings is important which helps to optimize the steel consumption and in overall cost reduction. The recent researches in PEB Technology includes the advantage of PEB with the Conventional Steel Building (CSB) in terms of tonnage, cost, ease of construction and design of various components of PEB structures. Being an emerging technology in India, codal standards available are for a conventional steel structure which is practiced for the PEB also. Novelty: In the PEB industry, we have observed that American code is widely used despite other codal provision. To find the extent of variation in sway and deflection limits of Indian code to American code, this study is made which we found not done earlier. And to suggest for the revision of codal data, to make Indian code compatible with other codes.

Keywords: Pre-Engineered Building (PEB); Structural Analysis and Design; Steel Structures; Comparison; Crane


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