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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 46, Pages: 1-4

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A Discussion about Upgrading the Quick Script Platform to Create Natural Language based IoT Systems


Objectives: With the advent of AI and IoT, the idea of incorporating smart things/appliances in our day to day life is converting into a reality. The paper discusses the possibilities and potential of designing IoT systems which can be controlled via natural language, with help of Quick Script as a development platform. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Quick Script (or QS) is an open-source, easy to learn tool made by our team of student developers for programming virtual conversational entities. This paper focuses on a discussion about how some improvements can be made in the underlying implementation of QS and the resulting uncomplicated and simple platform which can be used to create natural language based IoT systems. It explores the architecture/design pattern required for creating such systems. Findings: This exploration reveals how the idea of turning a simple NLP tool to handling IoT systems can be implemented, and where all the necessary changes/ additions are to be made. The benefits of this will include sharing the power of controlling and even programming (up to some extent) to the user end. As well as providing a simple intermediary to make communication between man and his machines a little more natural. Application/Improvements: It has always been a fantasy in movies to have appliances and gadgets work according to our speech inputs in real time. We humans have always tried to take complete advantage of technologies for living better and working more productively. The idea behind this paper drives for the same cause. Applications of any natural language based service can be endless–ranging from home to industry. With the speech based interaction, this will even help the physically disabled people.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Quick Script, Smart Devices


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