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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

A Geometrical Modular Design for Handling of LPG Cylinders using Nested Kinematic Robotic Gripper


Objectives: Novel design of Robotic gripper by means of epicyclic gear arrangement and incorporation of this mechanism for quick and efficient handling of domestic LPG gas cylinders from supplier end to consumer end. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Many researchers and robot manufacturing companies highly concentrate the new design of grippers and invent the smart grippers which is operated by means of efficient mechanisms and advanced techniques. In this paper discusses the modular design of a new robotic gripper operated by means of the epicyclic gear arrangement. Findings: Presently, domestic fuel LPG cylinders are loaded and unloaded manually from trucks. Loading and unloading LPG cylinders is involving lots of labour and sometimes cause finger crush and other disability to the personnel. This invention is particularly useful in unloading and unloading of empty and filled gas cylinders from vehicles such as trucks in a desired pattern and ensures safety and efficient handling. A geometrical model is developed and this device is helpful to a large extent for the handling of LPG cylinders meant for domestic purpose and this device will serve for the quick disposal of LPG cylinders to the consumers and safety of personnel is considered. Automation of this device may lead to higher investment. To meet the low capital investment, this device has to be partially mechanized. Application/Improvements: Epicyclic gear train is used for speed reduction purpose only. In this novel design, actuation of grippers is made possible by placing a suitable gripper in the planet gears. Gripper is mounted in planet gear eccentrically. This gripper is specially designed for loading and unloading the domestic LPG cylinders from trucks. Grippers are arranged in a required pattern for bulk handling of Large number of LPG cylinders. Locking and unlocking of grippers with LPG cylinders is mechanised in a supporting frame.

Keywords: Epicycle Gear Grippers, LPG Cylinders, Robot Grippers


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