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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: Supplementary 1, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

A phenomenological Case Study on the Psychological and Spiritual Conflict Resulting from Excessive Use of Smartphones - Focused on Christian University Students


The purpose of this study is to, through in-depth interviews, identify the problems of Christian student’s excessive smartphone use precipitating a psychological and spiritual conflict. A total of 11 students at a four-year Christian College participated in this study. This study reflects participants experienced both spiritual and psychological conflict do to the high volume of smartphone use. The primary in depth interviews were conducted from June to July 2012. The secondary data was collected from April to May of 2014. The collected data was analysed according to the phenomenological case study method. As a result of analysis, this case study consisted of five categories. Within these categories included a combined total of 17 subcategories and are explained in the following section. The first category featured in the survey is “Addiction”. While the subjects were gradually addicted to the use of smartphones, they experienced Time Concept Palsy, Mental Anxiety, Psychiatric symptoms and General Impairment of daily life. The second major category is “Isolation and Alienation of Existence”. This category consists of the Present on the island, the Emergence of Instrumental Relationships, and the Human Isolation. The third category is “Idolization of the Smartphone”. This topic includes recognising the smartphone as another existing self. In other words, it is called by slavery to the smartphone. The fourth category is “Changing the Pattern of Spiritual Ritual”. This area deals with how the smartphone has changed the way in which college students worship and is comprised of the following subcategories. The emergence of the smartphone culture in the church, Desensitisation of Guilt, Disturbance of the Spiritual Life, and Conflicts of Faith. The fifth area is “Self-Regulation”. This topic includes living a life centered on faith, self-reflection and self-regulation, and seeks the coexistence of faith and smartphone use. Based on the findings, this case study proposes a plan of action to address the psychological-spiritual conflicts due to the excessive use of smartphones in the church and the University.
Keywords: Christian University Students, Excessive Use of Smartphones, Phenomenological Case Study, Psychological and Spiritual Conflict


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