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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 39, Pages: 1-14

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Ameliorating the FOPID (PIλDμ) Controller Parameters for Heating Furnace using Optimization Techniques


Since the heating furnace system has emanated it has faced the problem of high power consumption, colossal amount of time to heat the substances and the vulnerability of getting exploded thus the objective of the paper is to achieve a system for same with less power consumption, whit time to heat the substances and making it safe from explosion. Using the mathematical way of modeling the dynamic critical systems the heating furnace is being modeled by using the damping, spring and mass elements. The integer order model of the system is being achieved by the Laplace transform and fractional order model for the same is obtained using the Grunwald-Letnikov formula. The Cohen-Coon tuning technique is being amalgamated with the Nelder-Mead, Interior-Point, Active-Set and Sequential Quadratic Programming optimization techniques respectively so as to design the FOPID controller for heating furnace. When the feedback systems were being formed then the outputs demonstrated that the system now consists the properties of less power consumption, less time to heat the substances along with less overshoot. Earlier the integer order model had the settling time (time taken to heat the substance), steady state error (power consumption) and overshoot (explosion) of 1500 seconds, 50% and 0% respectively. When the PID controller was designed for the same using Cohen-Coon tuning technique and forming a feedback system it had setting time of around 800 sec. and also the steady state error was brought to 0% but the overshoot went up to 35%. Therefore FOPID controller is being designed using the concocted technique that is the amalgamation of tuning technique and optimization techniques and forming and feedback system with FOM of heating furnace, the system yielded steady state error as 0%, where the settling time have been reduced to 300 seconds and overshoot between 7%-12%. Using the concocted technique that is the amalgamation of Cohen-Coon tuning technique with the optimization tuning techniques the FOPID controller was being formed for the FOM of the heating furnace which is being kept in feedback so as to form a system. Thus systems formed ameliorated the settling time i.e. time taken to heat the substance, the overshoot i.e. the vulnerability of getting exploded also remains low and the steady state error i.e. power consumption is also reduced drastically. 
Keywords: FOPID Controller, Heating Furnace, Optimization Techniques, Overshoot, Settling Time, Steady State Error


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