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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 26, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

An Analysis of Research Trends on Empowerment in Nursing Management


The goal of this study is to analyze the current researches on empowerment in nursing management and to suggest a direction for future empowerment research. Total 106 articles including 74 thesis and 32 journals were selected from ‛www. riss.kr’, ‛www.nl.go.kr’, ‛kiss.kstudy.com’ and reviewed. The papers were classified by criteria such as methodologies, theoretical framework, empowerment measure tools, and other concepts related to empowerment and general characteristics. Although there have been a consistently increasing number of articles since 2000, most of the articles have some following problems; decreased number of participant, number of survey hospitals, lack of theoretical frameworks (62.1%), and incoherence among the theory definition and instrument. We found that other concepts related empowerment are job satisfaction (16.2%), organization commitment (14.9%), leadership (6.8%), turnover intention (5.9%), job stress (5.9%), and self-efficacy (5.9%). Based on the findings of this study the following are suggested: first, it is necessary that more qualitative and intervention-related experimental researches be carry out in that most of empowerment researches are being conducted mainly by survey. Second, more efforts need to make a measuring tool congruous with the implemented theory. Third, a measuring tool should be selected by the level of analysis such as an individual, a group, and an organization. Fourth, especially the personal variables related to empowerment need to be dealt with in the future study.
Keywords: Empowerment, Literature Review, Nursing Management


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