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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 23, Pages: 2294-2302

Original Article

An investigation on ecotourism potential and possibility of community integration in its development in Orchha, Central India

Received Date:05 June 2020, Accepted Date:18 June 2020, Published Date:29 June 2020


Objective: The present investigation was undertaken with an aim to study the floral and faunal diversity of the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary (OWS) and to study whether ecotourism can be utilized for community development in the study area. Methods: Floristic and faunal diversity was studied through surveys followed by sample collection and their identification and visual sighting. Community was studied for understanding their socio-economics, livelihoods and attitude and perception of ecotourism. Similarly, data were collected from the tourists (domestic and foreign) about tourists' profile, demands, their attitude and perception about ecotourism activities and their level of satisfaction. Two hundred twenty rural households, hundred domestic visitors and fifty foreign tourists were surveyed in Orchha and OWS using convenience sampling technique. Primary data (both qualitative and quantitative) were collected mainly by using semi structured questionnaires and group discussions. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive and frequency statistics while qualitative data was analyzed using content analysis and framework analysis models. Findings: Forty two genera of angiosperms comprising 23 families were observed in the sanctuary. A total of 15 fish, 6 amphibians, 13 reptile, 98 bird, and 19 mammal species are reported. It was found that the birds were the most dominant vertebrates. Four species of turtle and rare species of vulture including king vulture were present in the OWS. OWS has got lot of potential for community based ecotourism development. Integration of community requires skill development and capacity building by training the youths of the village with tourism business skills. These youths can form village level institution to run the ecotourism business for capacity building of rural community, infrastructure development and benefit sharing. This institution would also participate in the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. Novelty: This is a first such extensive study of the floral and faunal diversity of OWS. Further, this is the first attempt to study the possible integration of ecotourism activities with community development activities of the area.

Keywords: Orchha Sanctuary; ecotourism; community; Central India


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