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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: Supplementary 3, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Analysis of Allelic Variation in HMW-Glu-1 Gene Blocks in Iranian Wheat Cultivars using ALP Molecular Marker


In order to study the allelic variation of Glu-1 gene (High molecular weight glutenin), 100 Iranian wheat cultivars including imported and domestic genotypes were analyzed using ALP-PCR technique. Four specific primer pairs were used based on the genetic loci of Glu-A1, Glu-B1, and Glu-D1 to perform the chain polymerase reactions. PCR reaction products were resolved on %2 agarose gel. Since allele “a” had the largest relative frequency (0.707), two alleles (a 344bp; b 362bp) were identified by P1-P2 primer for Glu-A1 locus. Three alleles (a 800bp; b 500bp; c 300bp) were detected for Glu-B1 locus by P5-P6 primer, and allele “b” was assumed as the highest relative frequency (0.618). Two primer pairs were applied for Glu-D1 locus. Ultimately, four alleles were identified, where allele “c” had the highest relative frequency (0.525). The observed genetic variation value for Glu-D1 locus (H=0.648) exhibits the maximal polymorphism. Using cluster analysis, the relationship between the observed polymorphism and geographical variation was investigated. The results indicated that there exists a remarkable variation in Glu-1 locus between the Iranian wheat cultivars.
Keywords: Non-functional Requirements, Square Spline Interpolation, Software Architecture Style


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