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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: Special Issue 1, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Comparative Analysis and Simulation of Various QAM Techniques as used in DVBT2


Objectives: This paper proposes comparative performance analysis of QAM techniques as used in DVBT2 applied to random data base and also to images. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The proposed work uses MATLAB as the basic tool and applies DVBT2 techniques using 16 QAM and 64 QAM modulation techniques. The analysis is about observing the effect of increment in SNR on the corresponding BER. In case of image, the same has been verified visually by seeing the quality of reconstruction. Findings: The BER achieved is decreasing for an incremented value of SNR and there is a very well observed trade-off between these two, when 16 QAM and 64 QAM are applied in DVBT2. Also, it can be seen that images are better reconstructed in case when SNR is just little more than. Improvements: Dropping the probably less efficient 4 QAM, the potentially better 16 and 64 QAM is being targeted and results are obtained.
Keywords: BCH Coder, BER, Digital Video Broadcasting –Terrestrial (DVBT), Digital Video Broadcasting –Terrestrial – Second Generation (DVBT2) SNR, Low Density Parity Check - LDPC Coder, MIMO, OFDM, QAM, RS Encoder


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