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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 46, Pages: 4349-4357

Original Article

Comprehensive Analysis of g -Radiation Impact on PVA-PTh Composite Films for Enhanced Battery Functionality

Received Date:05 September 2023, Accepted Date:30 October 2023, Published Date:13 December 2023


Objectives: This research serves to explore the dynamic interaction between γ-radiation and PVA-PTh (Polyvinyl alcohol-Polythiophene) composite films with the intent to revolutionize the field of rechargeable batteries. The objective of this study is synthesis of PVA-PTh films and to comprehend the impacts of γ-radiation at various dosage rates with greater emphasis to their electrical characteristics. Methods: Our methodology encompasses the application of a chemical oxidative technique to form PVA-PTh nanocomposite films, followed by an enlightening analysis through SEM, FTIR, AAS, and electrical conductivity measurements after γ-radiation. The fascinating outcomes extend beyond the lab, with the PVA-PTh composite films and their γ-radiated counterparts venturing into the realm of battery development. Findings: The results unveiled are captivating. SEM analysis reveals the emergence of smaller, intricately structured flakes in γ-radiated PVA-PTh composite films, indicating significant morphological changes. FTIR results showcase shifts and new absorption bands at 788 cm-1 and 1031 cm-1, evidence of chain crosslinking and scission processes triggered by γ-radiation. Surprisingly, although this radiation reduces the iron (Fe) ion content in PVA-PTh films, the electrical conductivities remain unwavering, even when exposed to 30 kGy (kilo Grays) dose. This steadfastness extends to consistent open circuit voltage (Voc) of 0.30 volts, which persists for astonishing duration of approximately 35 minutes in PVA-PTh conducting films. This exceptional stability paves the way for integration of films into cutting-edge polymer battery systems. Novelty: This research unlocks opportunities for innovative applications, invites further exploration across diverse fields by providing groundbreaking insights into the morphology, chemical composition, electrical behavior of PVA-PTh composite films. The exceptional stability of electrical conductivity in γ-radiated PTh samples, even under the harshest radiation conditions, offering testament to their reliability and resilience. These results point towards modern polymer battery systems with consistent Voc and enduring current flow, supporting the PVA-PTh composite films in battery applications.

Keywords: PTh; γ-radiation; Polythiophene; PVA-PTh; Battery


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