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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 27, Pages: 2016-2023

Original Article

Design and Modelling of Intze Water Tanks in Seismic Zones by Using M40 Grade Concrete

Received Date:06 January 2023, Accepted Date:08 June 2023, Published Date:11 July 2023


Objectives: To provide an efficient analysis and design for Intze water tank that is secure and safe. An reinforced concrete building (intze water tank) with a 0◦ to 10◦ ground slope is modelled using STAAD PRO analysis. Based on IS 1893(Part-l):2002 code the seismic weight is evaluated. To achieve best results, the proposed techniques compared with the existing approaches. Methods: In the current investigation, different Seismic Zones i.e. Zone-II, Zone-III, Zone-IV, & Zone-V is performed by Response Spectrum Method. Tremor investigation is directed utilizing the Equivalent Lateral Force Method (static technique) or Dynamic Strength Analysis. M40 grade concrete is employed for structural components. Findings: Utilizing the proposed work, an efficient design of Intze water tank is carried out. The proposed technique attains the lateral displacement (4.687mm), base moment (16231 KN/m), base shear (878 KN) and time period of vibration (0.7266s).the suggested methods achieves better performance, when compared to the conventional methods. Novelty: Elevated water tanks become a necessary component of daily life. Yet, numerous elevated water tanks have been harmed by the natural disasters, which affect the structure. The majority of studies only takes into account the impact of wind on a structure, ignoring seismic impact. Therefore, proposed method consider three structure classes, by using the Indian standard code of IS 1893(Part-l):2002 for seismic zones. The occurrence of damages, violation of safety measures and reduced strength are accurately addressed by the suggested approach. Comparison is carried out with existing work in which the proposed work generates enhanced outputs related to base shear, displacement and vibration period.

Keywords: Intze Water Tank; STAAD PRO; Equivalent Lateral Force; Response Spectrum; Seismic Zone


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