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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 35, Pages: 3612-3629

Original Article

Design of fuzzy logic controlled hybrid model for the control of voltage and frequency in microgrid

Received Date:24 August 2020, Accepted Date:18 September 2020, Published Date:29 September 2020


Objective: To propose a fuzzy controlled hybrid model for the control of voltage and frequency in the microgrid system to improve the efficiency of the control system in the microgrid. The adapted hybrid model reduces the harmonic distortion to a certain level and controls the voltage and frequency of the microgrid. The performance of proposed fuzzy-based control model is analyzed and compared with existing droop control model. Methods/Findings: This proposed hybrid model of photovoltaic fuel cell model employs a DC/DC converter along with DC/AC inverter. A case study has been carried out and the proposed methodology is efficient in the control technique of the microgrid. To reduce the harmonic distortion in the microgrid and fluctuation in voltage and frequency, a comparison with the droop control technique. Novelty: The microgrid system commonly uses a droop control technique for the control of voltage and frequency to enhance efficient control with the reduction of losses in the system. Even though the droop control method is reliable, the method depends on line parameters and not suitable for the bulk system. The performance is low for a complex system and hence it is not suitable. Various methods for the reliable power with the harmonic reduction has been already proposed.In this paper, a method called fuzzy controlled hybrid model is reviewed and this newly proposed technique is independent of line parameters, reduces the harmonic distortion and can operate for a bulk system with a reliable power supply in the microgrid.

Keywords: AC Micro grid; droop control; fuzzy logic; hybrid system; load scenario


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