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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2014, Volume: 7, Issue: 1, Pages: 25-43

Original Article

Design of Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Program Integrated with Fuzzy Vikor for Facility Location


Production level of a company increases mainly based on the demand and needs of that location. Facility location models are used to determine the optimal locations based on operating cost, accessibility of the existing, and future facilities. Selection of Location in supply chain for constructing a firm, is based on quantitative and qualitative factors. It is assessed by linguistic variables under fuzzy environment where uncertainty, vagueness, and subjectivity are handled. This paper deals with the design of Fuzzy multi objective Linear Programming model, integrated with Fuzzy VIKOR method. Fuzzy VIKOR method is used for assessing the qualitative factors and mathematical model such as Fuzzy Mixed Integer Linear programming is used for assessing the quantitative factors. Fuzzy VIKOR focuses on ranking & selecting from a set of alternatives in the presence of conflicting criteria by comparing the measure of “Closeness” to the “ideal” alternative, and thus to discover a best solution. It provides a rational, systematic process, to discover a best solution. It is used to resolve a fuzzy multi–person, multi–criteria decision-making problem. It also allows decision makers to specify the preferred solution for a given decision problem in real organizational settings. Fuzzy Multi Objective Linear Programming is used to find the optimum solution. A case example is illustrated for location selection of a firm, and the results are validated by integrating Fuzzy Mixed Integer Linear Programming with Fuzzy VIKOR method.

Keywords: Location Selection, Fuzzy Vikor Method, Fuzzy Multi Objective Linear Program.  


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