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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-4

Original Article

Designing Simulation of T-Slotted Antenna with Two Feeding Method


Objectives: To simulate a unique design with T slotted with two different feeding methods. Method: In this paper we use IE3D software in which we select mgrid with basic parameters 0.025 mgrid size and FR4 substrate 4.4 having thickness 1.6 mm and loss tangent 0.001. Then select a rectangular patch from entity with 10 mm length and 10 mm width and cut 3-T slots alternately. After complete our design we fed it 50 ohm to with 10 mm feeding for transmission line feed and (0, 3.5) its x and y value for probe feed and then operate it at different frequencies. Findings: The simulated results fetched at the frequency of 0-4, 8-16 GHz for TL feed and PB feed individually. The RL of TL feeding is -20.696 dB resonant at 1.32492 GHz and -28.27 dB for PB feeding resonant at 13.33 GHz. After comparing the outcomes for both feeding techniques, we conclude that the result of antenna in transmission line feed is more negative than probe feeding as shown in Table 1. The BW of desired antenna is 44.6% for TL feed and 9.8% for PB feed which is appropriate for wideband. As the notch frequency falls in SHF range so the antenna is right for many commercial as well as for typical services like WLAN, Satellite links. Application: This antenna is useful in WLAN, satellite links etc.

Keywords: Coaxial Feed, Microstrip Patch Antenna, T-Slotted Antenna, IE3D, SHF, VSWR


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