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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 2, Pages: 101-106

Original Article

Development of design methodology for mechanized harvesting and pruning of shrubs


A mulberry harvesting machine and harvesting & pruning machine have been designed newly to suit for sericulture use which save cost and labour. The machines were tested in local field and suit better. Sericulture or silk culture is a labour intensive rural industry. At present it faces a shortage of labour force. Harvesting and pruning of mulberry plants are the most critical activities involved in sericulture. In the survey, 80% sericulturists felt that the harvesting and pruning are most tedious and stressful activities. The main reasons are high work stress, less rest and health problems associated with it. Hence, labourers show less interest towards sericulture. Hence, mechanized way of harvesting and pruning may be an alternative approach to minimize the problem. The Japanese scientists developed a harvesting and pruning equipment attached to tiller. This machine has certain limitation to Indian cultivation. Hence, a design methodology has been framed to develop mechanized mulberry plant harvesting and pruning system to suite Indian mulberry plantation and at the same time cost effective.

Keywords: Sericulture, mulberry plantation, India. 


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