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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 46, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Development of Integrated Operation and Management System for ICT-Based Plant Factory


Objectives: This study designs the growth analysis system of plant factory. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Based on core technologies to overcome the limitations of venue, light that is alternate to sunlight, automation, nutrient supply system, temperature, etc., as well as ICT such as sunlight generation and geothermal conditioning, in order to increase the freshness of agricultural products through ordered production and planned production. The plant factory has its purpose in controlling plant growth automatically and obtaining excellent productivity in a closed environment. Because plant factory is a very complex system with multiple sensors and control devices, the role of an integrated operation system that controls sophisticated and complicated operation of these devices is very important. Findings: It also creates new markets through the convergence of IT and BT industries and increased the convenience of agricultural industry through automatic control and robot development as well as the quality of the workplace. In addition, it provided urban citizens with an opportunity to experience and learn the entire process of plant growth, provided relaxation as an urban oasis for urban citizens who have been jaded by hectic urban life, prevented environmental pollution by conducting efficient recycling of resources, and established a system for producing and supplying various agricultural products stably throughout the year without being influenced by climate. Improvements/Applications: Existing integrated operation system of plant factory uses a device installed in plant factory for control and simple monitoring. Also, for monitoring and control of plant factory environment, a device that was actualized by the experience of the industrial developer was used. Notably, a method of automatic control of the developmental environment for existing integrated operation and management system for plant factory was in a static structure, where algorithm that does not consider crop properties are applied.

Keywords: Automatic Control, ICT, Plant Factory, Plant Growth, Sensors


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