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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 47, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Distinctive Features of the Language and Style of the Yakut Heroic Epic Olonkho (Based on Olonkho ‘Nyurgun Bootur the Impetuous’ and ‘Kulun Kullustuur the Recalcitrant’)


Background: The scientific article is devoted to studying language features of the Yakut heroic epic olonkho and to identifying the stylistic use of certain linguistic facts in the folklore texts of this genre. Methods: The aim of current research is to identify productive linguistic ways that form the style of Yakut olonkho and to study the specific features of the language of this work. This article seeks to determine the place of expressive means in creating figurative and semantic integrity in the olonkho. The authors of the paper have identified the main figures of speech, which are widely used in the text of the literary work, as well as have set their basic trailblazing functions. In addition, the authors provide a generalized description of other linguistic ways of the olonkho style organization. Findings: This article focuses on the use of linguistic tools to create the image of a bogatyr and the image of the native shore nature. Also, the phonetic and grammatical means of the olonkho style are described in detail. According to the authors, the love for eloquence is a factor in the genesis of such rich Yakut folklore. Olonkho excels as an uppermost example of the Yakut language artistry, and its language is recognized as one of the main indicators of the olonkho singularity. Improvements: The novelty of the proposed method consists in the fact that the study has identified the language means that created the figurativeness of the text and defined its stylistic feature.

Keywords: Epic Work, Language Means, Olonkho, Style, the Yakut Folklore, the Turkic Epic


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