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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 25, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

Economic Feasibility and Technical Possibility of NetZero Energy Building in Tehran


Objectives: The economic feasibility and technical possibility of net-zero energy building in Tehran is conducted numerically in this research. Methods: The methods of numerical study and simulation were applied to calculate the economic feasibility and technical possibility of net-zero energy building in Tehran. The numerical method is conducted using C++ programming and simulation did by Hourly Analysis Program, and Poly Sun software. The results of simulation and programming are compared and presented. Findings: Simulation shows that the majority of energy which is needed for cooling and heating could be declined using insulation and better material for making building. It is observed that gas and electricity consumption stood at 50970 kW and 14772 kW, respectively. After insulation, Gas demand and electricity consumption declined dramatically to reach 23270 kW and 10574.6 kW, respectively. The calculation of Trombe wall, ground Heat Pump, Photovoltaic is conducted using simulation and C++ programming. The results of programming and simulation show that Solar collector can produce 10209.8 kWh/ year, and ground source Heat pump produces 7009.5 kWh/ year, Photovoltaic panels produce 58.06%of the total electricity demand. This system can provide 74% of heating and cooling load and 68.3% of total energy which is consumed in the building. Application and Improvement: The reduction of energy consumption in building is very important these days and it is possible by insulation and Trombe wall. The majority of energy consumption can be provided using renewable resources in the building.

Keywords: Ground Source Heat Pump, Net-Zero Energy Building, Photovoltaic Panel


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