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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 14, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Educational Potential of Eco-Design of the Metropolis Urban Environment


Background: The study was carried out in the scientific research laboratory of the Urban Eco-design as part of the research project “Theory and Methodology of Research on Eco-design of the Metropolis Urban Environment: Scientific and Educational Discourse”, done at the Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University in the framework of the state project N 2014/362. Methods: The methodological tools used in the research include interconnected system of synergetic, environmental, ecological, cultural and historical approaches, seen from the perspective of sustainable development, as well as corresponding basic methods: information search, system structural analysis, the methods of functional integration, retrospective reflection, expert diagnostics, scientific forecasting. Findings: The article presents the results of the conducted research which enabled to determine the educational potential of a new cultural integrative area - eco-design of a metropolis. The article states the relevance of eco-design as it allows implementing the environmental approach when designing the urban environment for the purpose of harmonizing the relations in the urban system “the man and the nature” and increasing the man’s responsibility for it. These scientific findings are of certain theoretical and practical value, they can also become the basis for further research regarding the conceptual development of theoretical and methodological grounds and methods of studying ecodesign from the perspective of pedagogical innovations. This research is the first attempt to provide a scientific definition of the categories and educational mission of eco-design of the urban environment, and it is understood as an instructional setting with a high potential for forming values, developing cognitive abilities and skills as well as creativity and personality in general. The authors identify and prove the conceptual framework, which include the leading ideas and principles of the ecological design of the metropolis urban environment. The article presents a pedagogical model for studying eco-design of the urban environment on three levels: theoretical and methodological, psychological and pedagogical, individual and didactic. The authors have devised the software and methodological support for the study of eco-design in the metropolis urban environment including original programs and manuals. Applications/Improvements: The study findings can be used by professionals working in the field of environmental education and can be implemented in the course of urban eco-design by the bachelors of environmental, architectural and construction university programs.

Keywords: Eco-Design, Environmental Consciousness, Educational Potential, Metropolis, Urban Environment


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