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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 26, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Effect of Psychomotricity by the Adolescent on the Anger Management of Convergence


Background/Objectives: In maladjustment problems of adolescence, due to developmental characteristics of adolescence in ‘a storm and stress’ and the lack of opportunity to practice how to recognize their own feelings accurately and cope with them efficiently, the adolescent reveal the social maladaptive behavior, aggressive behavior or delinquent behavior such as juvenile delinquency, school violence and running away from home, which is an outward expressed form but the underlying cause is anger. Methods/Statistical analysis: This study aims to evaluate the effect of psychomotricity by the adolescent on the anger. Total 20 subjects of elementary school students (grades 5-6) were divided into the experimental group (of 10) and the control group (of 10). During the total 18 weeks, the psychomotor program was carried out for 16 weeks, excluding two weeks of inspection-periods, each before and after the experiment period. The adapted program was composed of activities of the psychomotor program with including tension and relaxation. For the verification of the study, the levels of delinquency and aggression, the outward expressed forms of anger, were measured and analyzed. Findings: The results showed statistically significant effect both on delinquency levels and on aggression levels, especially very positive effect on aggression levels. So we can see that adolescents’ participation in psychomotricity has very positive effect on their anger management. And the aggression levels increased in the control group, it seemed why during the study period they continued to experience indirect violence from the internet, etc. Application/Improvements: We suggest that the psychomotor program designed for this study has very positive effect on adolescents’ anger management and can be actively used for general adolescents in schools or regional educational fields.
Keywords: Adolescent, Aggression, Anger Management of Convergence, Delinquency, Psychomotor


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