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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 3, Pages: 273-278

Original Article

Effect of textile mill effluent on growth of Sorghum vulgare and Vigna aconitifolia seedlings


The wastewater discharges are unavoidable in the process of industrial developments which lead to the pollution of water and soil. The water bodies and soils are becoming major sinks for industrial pollutants. These pollutants affect the ecosystems and agricultural lands. The establishment of industries or any manufacturing unit accelerates the development and helps to increase employment opportunities but unintentionally pollutes the environment, especially through the release of effluent and emissions. Such impact of industrial development is highly complex and many times unintentional. The production of wastewater is a continuous process; in water shortage regions of the Solapur, where water becomes limiting factor, the effluent is being used for irrigational purposes by the farmers in agriculture and agroforestry practices. The present research work deals with assess the physico-chemical characteristics of industrial effluent and the effect of Industrial effluents on germination of various seeds such as Sorghum vulgare (Jowar), Vigna aconitifolia (Matki), which grow abundantly in study area and very demanding species for food purposes. The effects were examined in relation to various concentrations (viz. 20,40,60,80 & 100%) of effluent and distilled water as control and various parameters such as seed germination, mean root length of germinated seedlings, plumule germination, mean plumule length of germinated seedlings, disease (fungus) causes in germinated seedlings and other morphological characters.
Keywords: Seed germination, textile mill effluent, growth, seedlings. 


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