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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 11, Pages: 1-7

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Effectiveness of Counselling on Emotional Intelligence of School Students


Counselling may change the lives of various students in many aspects. Counselling facilitates a person to realize that everything in life is a momentous one. When the emotions are handled in an intelligent way, a remarkable development can be observed in personal and social behaviour of human beings. Having a strong belief in the prior concept, the investigator decided to carry out a research on the above title. Objectives: To analyze whether Counselling brings any excellence on the intensity of Emotional Intelligence of school students and to know whether there is any gender difference in Emotional Intelligence of school students. Method: To accomplish these aims, an experimental research had been carried out with Seventh Standard Students as sample from a Government school in Kancheepuram District. With the help of class teacher, as per the cumulative record, twenty six students were identified as low achievers out of Forty six in the class VII were engaged for the counselling process. Before starting the Counselling Process, the initial intensity of Emotional Intelligence was assessed by administering standardised Tool and the values were considered as Pre-test. Based on the requisite, both individual and group Counselling had been given to all the twenty six students for a period of three months. After completing the Counselling process at a satisfactory state, again their Emotional Intelligence were assessed and considered as Post-test. Result: There was a lot of enhancement in the level Emotional Intelligence had been found among school students after the Counselling process. There was no significant difference found between Boys and Girls in the scores of Emotional Intelligence in Pre-test. But in Post-test, the Girls were exceeded Boys in their Emotional development. Even before the final analysis, the investigator and other teachers, observed some kind of desirable behaviour among the students in the class rooms and outside the class rooms as well. Any issues can be handled sensibly by the persons who are emotionally intelligent than the person who are not intelligent emotionally. Hence this research is insisting that counselling at school level is essential to save the children from unpleasant activities. Application: The present state of affairs is not suitable for all round development of the children. Invasion of Technology and foreign culture, the children may not be cared by their parents properly. Hence the counselling at schools is mandatory to know the physiological, psychological and sociological issues of children at the earliest possible and to provide appropriate guidance and solution to the victims. Through counselling many suicidal issues among school children during result announcement also can be vanished entirely. 

Keywords: Boys, Counselling, Emotional Intelligence, Girls, Low Achievers, Pre-test and Post-test


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