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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 14, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Formation of the Subjective Position of a Student as a Condition for Social Risk Prevention


Background: The article sets the goal to justify the formation of subjective position of a student in the educational activity in a professional education institution as one of the condition to prevent social risks in the process of their establishment. In order to research the status of this problem, a package of theoretic and practical research methods trialed in pedagogics and psychology was employed: Analysis of psychological, pedagogical literature, empirical methods (pedagogical observation, questionnaire, testing, self-assessment, analysis of educational programs stating and forming experiments). A set of pedagogic conditions was derived from the total analysis of theoretic and long-standing empiric experience. Method: The experimental work solved the problem of creating an educational environment involving mutual responsibility of the pedagogical process participants, mutual help and ability to overcome difficulties together. The new vision of the person in the modern society as a goal of the social structure actualizes the comprehension of the idea of the person’s self-development, self-establishment in the role of a leading factor of education. Systematic reliance on theoretical and technological basics of students’ subjective position formation in the educational system will help a person to realize the responsibility for one’s environment, for oneself to gain the experience of purposeful self-improvement and step on the path of implementing the subjective position in prevention of social risks and in solution of life’s problems and challenges. Findings: Trustworthiness of the research results is assured by justification of the research methodology, its compliance with the set problem; its fulfillment at the theoretical and the practical levels; use of a set of methods adequate to its subject; repeatability of the experimental work. In the process of the experimental work, the achieved positive results in such directions as creation of an educational environment in the institute furthering self-identification and self-realization of students in the pedagogical process; involvement of students in creative and active cognitive activity utilizing active and interactive technologies; pedagogical follow-up of students providing support of initiative, responsibility, actuation of own resources of the students in the process of self-organization. Improvements: The results of the research found reflection in articles, guidance papers published by the authors. They were discussed and got approved of at the international, all-Russian and regional research and practical conferences. 

Keywords: Activity, Educational Space, Personality, Social Risk, Subjective Positions


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