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Free Vibration and Damping Characteristics of GFRP and BFRP Laminated Composites at Various Boundary Conditions
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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 12, Pages:

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Free Vibration and Damping Characteristics of GFRP and BFRP Laminated Composites at Various Boundary Conditions


Objectives: During the motion of aircraft, wing and control surfaces undergo through severe vibration. This vibration can be controlled by selecting proper material, thickness, fiber orientation etc. This work focuses to compare vibration characteristics such as natural frequency and damping coefficient of BFRP composites with GFRP composites at various fiber orientations and end conditions.
Methods/Analysis: BFRP and GFRP composites with unidirectional cloth and Owen fabric are fabricated by compression moulding machine and their mechanical properties were determined by using UTM as per ASTM standards. Vibration analysis of these materials was carried out by using modal analysis set up for various end conditions. Natural frequencies and damping coefficients were determined by for all materials and end conditions. These results were compared with numerical results which are carried by using ABACUS software. Findings: Fundamental natural frequency of glass/epoxy composites is better than the basalt/epoxy composites. The natural frequency changes with end condition and fiber orientations. Due to high stiffness, the natural frequency of Basalt Owen fabric composites is higher than that of unidirectional basalt/epoxy composites. Damping coefficient of unidirectional Basalt laminate at cantilever condition is good (0837) but the same value for Owen fabric with CNT is 0.00818. Increment in damping coefficient is due to compression moulding process. Due to high pressure the fiber volume fraction increases and correspondingly the stiffness also increases. Novelty of the Study: No literature gives the comparative study of vibration analysis of Owen fabric Basalt composites with Unidirectional Basalt fiber composites.
Conclusion/Application: Due to high damping coefficient of Basalt/epoxy composites and better vibration characteristics. This material can be used in the construction of control surfaces and high lift devices of small aircraft.

Keywords: BFRP, Damping Coefficient, Free Vibration, GFRP, Natural Frequency


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