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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 41, Pages: 3665-3672

Original Article

Innovative Study of Prospective Energy Source Through C DEA+ACG+EDTA System for Photogalvanic Cell

Received Date:19 September 2023, Accepted Date:01 October 2023, Published Date:11 November 2023


Objective: Enhancing the process of transformation of solar energy into electricity and storing it using photogalvanic (PG) cells for greater electrical output is the goal of the study endeavor. Methods: Two electrodes, a digital pH metre, a resistance key, a carbon pot, and a micro-ammeter make up the PG cell setup. For superior electrical results, the specifically created H-shaped PG cell was investigated. In a PG cell with C DEA+ACG+EDTA system, the various solar parameters (concentration, diffusion length, electrode area, pH etc.) were investigated. By changing the various parameters of the PG cell, the major impact of solar energy was investigated. For the PG cell, a 25 ml solution of surfactant (08 ml), reductant (05 ml), and dye (12 ml) was combined with distilled water and alkali. In terms of improved electrical results from renewable energy, the PG cell has experimentally demonstrated the effective system that was the intended target of the research. The comparison was made with the existing methods by relevant literature survey. Findings: The observed highest photopotential and maximum photocurrent for the C DEA+ACG+EDTA PG cell were 1038 mV and 612.00 μA, respectively. Performance and conversion efficiency of the PG cell were discovered to be 189.00 minutes and 1.2315%, respectively. Novelty: The photogalvanic is emerging field of research and manuscript contains substantial electrical output, conversion efficiency and storage capacity of developed photogalvanic cell with special attention to better performance and reduces the cost of the photogalvanic cell for its commercial viability. The main objective of the research was to increase considerable electrical production. The goal has been accomplished by using the C DEA+ACG+EDTA PG cell setup to get good electrical results.

Keywords: Solar Energy, Photopotential, Electrical Production, EDTA, Photocurrent


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