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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 30, Pages: 1-5

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Interior Tracking with Automatic Attendance and Reporting System


Objectives: The world we knew yesterday is not the same today. There is development in every field of science and technology. This paper is the development of Global Positioning system with interior tracking and taking attendance automatically in school or any workplace. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Interior positioning has a foot print of the interior location of the building. We use a router and a radio frequency transponder for this. The transponder is tracked by the router and is shown on the LCD with the name of the router which detects it. Automatic attendance and reporting is carried out by the router and the RTC device of this system. This device is programmed in such a way that the RTC device waits for the given period of time for the transponder to be detected by the assigned router. If the time passed out, the RTC device sends the information to the control room that the tag holder did not attend the location in the given time. If this is set up in a class room, the absence of the faculty or the student can be identified through the control room. Thus understanding that the class is not occupied by the faculty on time. Findings: This solves the problems faced by GPS inside a locality or building. With this device one can locate the faculty, take attendance while the person is mobile. This works perfectly till 3-5 meters. Applications/Improvements: More improvement can be brought to this technology by adding high power receivers and transmitters. More bit error rates can be reduced by adding filters to this device but this makes that system with high estimated production costs.
Keywords: Interior Tracking, PIC Microcontroller, RF ID, RF ID Tag, ZigBee


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