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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 42, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Internal Communication and Technology – The Secrets of Success


Objectives: The purposefulness of the paper is to examine the relevance of internal communication and technology in the Organizations and their vitality for the success. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A questionnaire-based survey has been carried out in a multicultural organization, based in Central Asia. About 100 regular contract employees were included in the survey and were made to respond their views about internal communication and technology in their organization. For the relevance of the study, a hypothesis – ‘There is no significant association between knowledge sharing and technology’ has been formulated to find out the association between the dependent variable, internal communication (knowledge sharing) and independent variable, technology. First and foremost, a reliability test has been conducted to check the reliability of factors of the independent variable, technology. Further, in support of the research, correlation, and regression analysis have been conducted to understand the in-depth association between the dependent variable and independent variable. Findings: This study is unique of its own kind. The alpha coefficient for the factors of technology is 0.828 that reveals that the factors of technology have relatively high internal consistency and reliability of the measures used in this study is considered excellent. The finding of correlation analysis reveals that there is a high positive correlation (.623) between the dependent variable internal communication (knowledge sharing) and the independent variable, technology. From the regression equation, it can be remarked that the independent variable, technology has a positive impact on the dependent variable, knowledge sharing, and an important component of internal communication. The findings of the research and based on the values obtained, the null hypothesis is rejected which means that the research supports that there is a significant association between internal communication (knowledge sharing) and technology. Application/ Improvement: The future research could be done applying different statistical tools. As well it will be useful to conduct in other organizations on a larger scale by collecting responses from all employees irrespective of functionality and grade.

Keywords: Internal Communication, Knowledge Sharing, Organizations, Success, Technology


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