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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 27, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

Investigation of Structural, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Terbium Doped Strontium Hexaferrite for High Frequency Applications


Background/Objectives: Microwave absorbing materials can be used to reduce electro- magnetic interference. M-type hexaferrites (SrFe12O19 and BaFe12O19) have attracted intensive attention on account of their important applications in microwave absorbing materials. Methods/Statistical Analysis: M-type hexaferrite nanoparticles with a composition of TbxSr1-xFe12O19 (x = 0–0.1) were amalgamted by a chemical method known as co-precipitation method. A successive solid state reaction at different calcination temperatures at fixed holding time has lead to the formation of pure and Tb substituted strontium hexaferrite. The reaction of swaping of Tb cations on the magnetic, structural, and electrical properties of nanoparticles was characterized by X-ray diffraction XRD, FTIR,TEM and VSM. Findings: Microstructure by TEM showed that grains are of extremely fine phase. Identification by XRD confers the single-phase material of nanometeric size. Evaluation on magnetic characteristics for the material showed that coercivity decreased progressively with substitution of Tb3+ ion. Although this was followed by a significant increase in total magnetization. Reflection loss and reflection coefficient and loss tangent for a range of 1-5 KHz were derived which confirms that the material can be considered for high frequency applications. 
Keywords: Dielectric Properties, Hexaferrites, Microwave Absorbers, Reflection Loss


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