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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 19, Pages: 938-947

Original Article

Investigation On Studies Of Urea-Doped Diammonium Hydrogen Phosphate Crystals Grown By Slow Evaporation Technique

Received Date:21 February 2022, Accepted Date:01 April 2022, Published Date:27 May 2022


Background: To grow single crystals of Urea-Doped Diammonium Hydrogen Phosphate (UDAHP) by solution growth approach with slow evaporation seed immersion technique and to analyze and to discuss the results obtained from different characterization studies. Methods: Solution growth method was adapted to grow the crystals of UDAHP using the double distilled water as the solvent. The harvested crystals of UDAHP were subjected to XRD study, FTIR study, microhardness study, UV-visible spectral study, NnonlLinear oOptical (NLO) study, impedance study, LDT study and TG/DTA study. The crystal system and lattice parameters were found by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Linear optical parameters like transmittance and optical band gap and the mechanical parameters like hardness, fracture toughness, brittleness index, and work hardening coefficient of UDAHP crystal have been estimated. SHG efficiency and LDT values of the sample have been found. Findings: By XRD method, the structure of UDAHP crystal is found to be monoclinic structure and the molecular packing diagram of the UDAHP crystal indicates that there are 9 hydrogen atoms, 4 oxygen atoms, 1 phosphorus atom, and 2 nitrogen atoms in a single molecule of UDAHP. Microhardness of the sample is found to be increasing with increase of applied load. Thermal stability of the UDAHP crystal is high and the decomposition point is found to be 195 oC. The optical band gap of the title compound is 5.75 eV. The value of LDT for urea-doped DAHP crystal is found to be 3.25 GW/cm2. Relative SHG efficiency of UDAHP crystal is 0.97 times that of the KDP. Novelty: The single crystals of uUrea-dDoped dDiammonium hyHdrogen pPhosphate (UDAHP) were grown for the first time. The effect of urea on the properties of Diammonium Hydrogen Phosphate (DAHP) was studied in this work.

Keywords: Single Crystal; Solution Growth; Doping; XRD; Spectroscopy; NLO; SHG; LDT; Microhardness


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