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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 7, Pages: 604-609

Original Article

Leveraging IOT and AI for delivering tailor-made customer experiences in Indian petro retailing

Received Date:01 January 2020, Accepted Date:23 February 2021, Published Date:01 March 2021


Objectives: To explore the applicability and impact of deploying an IOT & AI solution (CCTV-based solution) on customer experience at a fuel retail outlet. Method: CCTV-based IOT & AI solution is used for capturing customer details, ensuring safety and service protocol implementation. A technologyled approach toward ensuring service delivery, enhanced customer experience and their satisfaction. The experiment was conducted at one of the fuel stations in the city of Mumbai and studied for the period of Aug- Oct 2020. The analysis is carried out on the data gathered during the period. Findings: Our research has shown the utility of a CCTV-based solution for identification, capturing & accessing customer movement & behavior on the fuel station forecourt. It is also found effective for capturing safe practices which intern gives a sense of safety thus leading to customer satisfaction. Thus, research showed that IOT implementation can yield significant benefits towards customer identification, increase in operational efficiency and customer acquisition, retention & satisfaction thus leading to enhanced customer experience and increased sales. Novelty : The study is the first of its kind towards the application of CCTV-based solutions on customer experience in Indian Petro Retailing.

Keywords: IOT; Indian fuel retail; IOT in oil & gas; new technology adoption; customer experience; customer identification


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