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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 46, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Measurement Framework for the Acceptance of Internet of Things Product


Objectives: This research paper aims to develop a measurement framework for the acceptance factors of Internet of Things (IoT) products. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A research model was constructed. Data from 321 Korean IoT users were gathered and statistically processed to derive several factors affecting on acceptance of IoT product. For that purpose we administrated empirical factor analysis. As the result 4 factors were derived. These factors contain 4 measured variables each. Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP) method was applied for the analysis of the weight of the factors for acceptance of IoT products. Findings: The result of this paper showed that the factors, like technical issues, personal characters, environmental factors, and cost factor affect the users on adoption of IoT products. In this paper, 2 steps of survey were carried out. In the first survey, 4 factors for the acceptance of IoT products were derived. In the 2nd survey, the weight of each factor was analyzed by the pair-wise comparison performed by 6 experts in the field of IoT. The level of significance of each factor was calculated. As the result, “Cost of IoT” is the most significant factor for the acceptance of IoT product. The factor “User character” is second significant factor of all and this means that the “User character” is also very important factor for decision to use of IoT product. And the next coming factor is “Environment issues”. “Technique issues” is 4th factor. The 4th place means that this factor seems important but less influential than other 3 factors in accepting IoT product. The second survey has been conducted to determine the weight of each variable. Improvements/Applications: The result of this paper could be the important reference to the IoT product companies in planning their business strategies and marketing their IoT products in Korea.

Keywords: Acceptance Factor; Analytic Hierarchical Process; Data Analysis, Factor Analysis; Internet of Things


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