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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 20, Pages: 1661-1676

Original Article

Numerical simulations of Darcy –Forchhiemer flow explored with carbon nanotubes under activation energy

Received Date:31 March 2021, Accepted Date:19 May 2021, Published Date:05 June 2021


Objectives: To obtain the results of the computational analysis of three-dimensional Darcy-Forchheimer flow concerning the hall current and Joule heating with Arrhenius activation energy explored using single-wall carbon nanotube and multi-wall carbon nanotube. Methods: The flow equations are modified to a nonlinear system of ordinary differential equations with adequate self-similarity functions. The solution to the modified system is evaluated by numerical techniques with python coding. Findings: In this study, the outcomes of engineering parameters are evaluated numerically. Influence of governing parameters on momentum, thermal, and concentration boundary layers are depicted graphically with different base fluids explored with single and multi-wall carbon nanotubes under Darcy -Forchheimer flow of nanofluid. Novelty : A favorable comparison is performed with previously available outcomes. The achieved results are almost like solutions obtained by other researchers. Carbon nanotubes are additionally used in an incredible range of applications in electronic, structural engineering, biomedical, energy management, and chemical processing.


Activation energy, hall current with ion slip, joule heating, carbon nanotube, python


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