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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 24, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Optimal Operation of ERV System Installed in the Apartment Houses in South Korea


High air-tightness and high heat-insulation of buildings cause lack of fresh air inside the buildings. Operating the ventilation system in an apartment house may improve the indoor air quality, but may generate the problems, such as high airconditioning load and cold draft. In order to improve the indoor air quality while maintaining pleasant heat environment to a certain level, it is necessary to consume energy for cooling and heating. Energy Recovery Ventilation system (here in after “ERVs”) is the typical way to minimize the consumption of energy. To solve the problem, the installation of ERVs has been made mandatory for new apartment buildings that are constructed in the Republic of Korea. The interest in ERVs has increased recently in that the System is viewed as helping to: 1. Reduce energy costs of heating and cooling apartment buildings, which costs claim a significant portion of apartment building management budgets, and 2. Secure appropriate levels of ventilation in such buildings. Despite the enthusiasm, the lack of efficient implementation of ERVs persists. Based on the rationale, this study realized the optimal operating algorithm for ERVs. The study took actual data on temperature and humidity; operation status on air conditioners and ERVs; electricity consumptions; and PMV. The study analyzed airconditioning ventilation loads and energy-saving effects related thereto according to the optimal operating algorithm for ERVs. The results showed statistically significant figures that contribute to the reduction of loads and energy costs. Implications of the study include: 1. Introducing the optimal ERVs to apartment buildings will likely help the residents and building managers to better respond to changes occurring to the outside environment and to the inside loads being applied to indoor HVAC systems; and 2. Implementation of ERVs would likely help reduce the loads being imposed on the HVAC systems in apartment buildings.
Keywords: Apartment Houses, Energy Consumption, ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilation System), Field Survey, Optional Operation, Resident


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