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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 20, Pages: 2079-2087

Original Article

Performance Analysis of Feeding System in Sugar Mill with Consideration of Bagasse Jamming

Received Date:04 April 2024, Accepted Date:28 April 2024, Published Date:14 May 2024


Objectives: The sugar industry comprises various units, including feeding, crushing, evaporation, refining, and crystallization. The feeding system is the most crucial aspect of the sugar mill as the sugar-making process starts from here. So faults which occur here are divided into four categories minor, major, cease faults and walkout faults. This paper sets out to showcase a comprehensive analysis of the system's performance, availability, and profit. The study takes into account how minor, major, and cease faults can potentially impact the system's overall effectiveness. The findings of this research hold significant importance for sugar mills that prioritize optimal performance and profit. Methods: Primary data regarding various failures is collected from Ch. Devilal Co-Operative Sugar Mills Limited, Ahulana, Gohana. To find MTSF, Reliability, Availability, Profit etc., a mathematical model has been created. This model is based on the Semi-Markov process and Regenerative Point Technique and equations are drawn using exponential distribution and solved with Cremer’s rule and Laplace ­- Stieltjes transformation. Findings: A fault, Bagasse Jamming is considered a cease fault which occurs very frequently in the feeding system. Therefore, it is found that cease faults and major faults have more adverse impacts on the system's performance and availability than minor faults. MTSF, Availability and Profit are inversely proportional to these faults. When a major fault is 0.0035 and the cease fault is 0.0042, MTSF is nearly 100. So, to gain more profit we have to pay more attention to these faults. Novelty: The paper's results will aid in fault removal, increase availability, and optimize maintenance tactics in the sugar industry.

Keywords: MTSF, Performance Analysis, Availability, Reliability, Minor, Major, Cease Faults


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