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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 42, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Physical and Phytochemical Analysis of Justicia gendarussa Burm. F. Leaf Extracts


Objectives: Methods: An experimental research design was used in this study based on phytochemicals screening, which includes the detection of major secondary metabolites. A qualitative analysis was done on the phytochemicals aspect, while qualitative and quantitative analyses were used to determine the physical properties of the plant extract. J. gendarussa leaf extract was subjected to physical examination to determine its (a) boiling point, (b) colour, (c) density, (d) odour, (e) pH and (f) miscibility. Phytochemical analysis of the extract was carried out to determine the presence of the following compounds: (a) alkaloid, (b) anthraquinone, (c) leucoanthocyanin, (d) phenolic compounds, (e) saponin, (f) steroid, (g) tannins and (h) terpenoids. Percent yield was also computed on the leaf extracts of J. gendarussa. Results: From the observed physical properties, it was generalised that the J. gendarussa leaf extract has a 103.3°C boiling point, a brown colour and pleasant odour, 1.02 g/mL of density, a neutral pH of 7 and is a polar substance. By weighing the collected extracts of J. gendarussa and dividing it by its weight of its leaves, the percent yield was recorded to be at 30%. It was documented by collecting about 30 g of crude J. gendarussa extract from the total 100 g of leaves used in the conduct of this study. Phytochemical analysis showed that only alkaloid and saponin are present in the plant extract of J. gendarussa leaves, and other secondary metabolites such as terpenoids, tannin, anthraquinone, leucoanthocyanin, phenolics and steroids were found to be absent in the plant extract. Improvements/further study: It is suggested that a further study should be conducted to characterise and quantify alkaloid and saponin in the extract of J. gendarussa. Also, a study using various methods of extraction and solvents is important to determine if there is a difference in secondary metabolite screening as well as to make use of J. gendarussa as a natural source of alkaloid and saponin.
Keywords: J. gendarussa, Chemical Analysis, Phytochemistry, Plant-derived Substances


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