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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 28, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Farmers in Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran


Background/Objectives: The farming employs about half the world’s entire workforce. In most countries, farming is recognized as one of the most hazardous industries. Farming activities lead to awkward physical postures. These postures are: leaning, kneeling, crawling, bending, twisting to one side and repeated work that can result in physical stress and traumatic injuries. This study aimed to evaluate the ergonomic conditions and musculoskeletal symptoms among farmers in Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This Descriptive-Analytical study was conducted on 130 farmers from different regions of east Azerbaijan who were between 16 to 80 years old and harvesting traditionally (not industrial). Nordic questionnaire (NMQ) was used for determining prevalence rate of musculoskeletal disorders. The postures and other ergonomic status of farmers were evaluated via REBA method. Regression and chi-square statistics tests were used to statistical data analysis. Findings: The obtained results indicated that the most reported musculoskeletal disorders in farmers are low back, wrist and ankles pain with 81.5, 40, and 30percent, respectively. Based on REBA final scores, 19 percent of farmer’s posture was at risk (4th risk level). The result also showedsignificant relationship between farmers Stature and low back pain (p-value <0.001). As well asthe relationshipbetweendifferent phase of farmingand REBA final scorewas significant (p-value <0.001). Application/Improvements: according to the results low back pain is the major problemamongfarmers caused duringcollection of harvests from farm. Results show that the harvesting have importance role in prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in the different part of farmers body. Stature and age of farmers have considerable role in prevalence of farmer’s musculoskeletal disorders. This study showed that the studied farmers work condition is unacceptable and needs to be modified. Because, most of farming activities are done traditionally, Remedy actions to decline musculoskeletal disorders based on priorities canbe listed as training of principles of ergonomics in farming activities, regular examination, replacement of technical methods of farming (industrialized). *Author for correspondence
Keywords: Farmers, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Nordic, REBA


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