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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 22, Pages: 1-15

Original Article

Prospects of Using Oak Wood Integrated Processing Products in Winemaking, Dealing with Shortcomings on the Base of Implementing Oak Wood Derivative Products


Background/Objectives: Our studies were aimed at exploring the use of oak derivative products for treating and correcting wine flaws and faults, in particular, mousy taint. Methods/Statistical analysis: To assess condition and stages of disease development in selected wine materials and to define traditional schemes of their processing, which will be used later for control, we conducted research of their physical, chemical and microbiological criteria. Additionally, the wine materials were tested on their susceptibility to turbidity caused by the elevated content of multivalent metals salts (metal casse) as well as colloidal (reversible and irreversible), crystallic and biochemical turbidity in accordance with generally accepted methods. The authors also tested the wine materials for a fault “mousy taint” with the help of the so called “soda test”. Findings: Use of oak derivative products has a positive effect of treating and eliminating mousy taint and improves organoleptic characteristics. Use of oak derivative products for treating faults and correcting mousy taint in dry and fortified wines should be accompanied by preliminary sulfitation and acidification of wine materials to the concentration of titratable acids at least 6.0 g/dm3. To make the processing with oak derivative products even more efficient, it is reasonable to use chips in filtering bags of lavsan or capron fabric, and it is recommended to mix it 2-3 times. Applications/Improvements: Obtained results suggest that the proposed method for treating and correcting wine flaws with oak derivative products is efficient and can be implemented into production. 
Keywords: Assessment of Oak Primary Resources, Oak Aroma Components, Oak Stave, Oak Wood, Tannin and Tanning Substances, Wine and Cognac Barrels


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