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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 2, Pages: 1-11

Original Article

Review on Admission of Preheated Vegetable Oil in C.I. Engine


Background/Objectives: This paper reviews the performance and emission characteristics of C.I. engine fueled with preheated vegetable oil. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Vegetable oils can be a good alternative source for fossil fuel. The engines available in the market are designed for petroleum diesel which found to be less efficient while using vegetable oil as fuel. The main problem in the usage of vegetable oils in C.I. engine is their high viscosity and low calorific value. The viscosity is reduced by methods such as transesterification, blending of vegetable oil with diesel, preheating the vegetable oil. Only few authors had done experiment with preheated vegetable oil in C.I. engine. Findings: From the result and output given by the authors the review is done. The results are favor for preheated vegetable oil than unheated vegetable oil. In all the cases BTE of preheated vegetable oil is higher than unheated vegetable oil. Most authors said that BSEC of preheated vegetable oil is almost equal to diesel and lesser than unheated vegetable oil. It was found that HC and CO emission for preheated vegetable oil is lesser than unheated vegetable oil, were NOx is found to be higher for preheated vegetable oil. CO2 emission while using preheated vegetable oil is higher than unheated vegetable oil and diesel. The usage of vegetable oil neutralizes CO2 emission, so there will not be any new CO2 emission into the atmosphere. Preheated vegetable oil is a promising alternate for mineral diesel. Applications/Improvements: Long term usage of preheated vegetable oil may affect the lubrication oil and fuel line so change in rescheduling of replacing the lubrication oil is needed. Pongamia oil, neem oil and jatropha oil are found to be reliable alternative fuels. Combined effect of preheated and blending of vegetable oil as an alternative fuel for diesel engine would give best result in performance and emission wise.

Keywords: C.I. Engine, Emission, Non-Edible Oil, Pongamia Oil, Preheated Vegetable Oil, Performance 


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