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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 42, Pages: 1-11

Original Article

Revisiting the Issue of the Molecular-genetic Structure of the Causative Agent of the Bovine Leukemia Virus in the Russian Federation


Objectives: The study is aimed at investigating the genotypic diversity of the causative agent of Bovine Leukemia, circulating in animal populations from different regions of Russia. Methods: Genotyping and sequencing for samples of 444 bp gene DNA element of cattle HVL isolates of Russian regions were conducted and phylogenetic analysis of the isolated strains was performed. Findings: Blood samples, serum and leukoconcentrate of animal blood and DNA samples – env gene region, 444bp long, of cattle leukemia virus were a subject of investigation. Samples from Belgian subgroup (type B) and Australian subgroups (type A) of leukemia virus were singled out in the studied samples. The results of this study provide an opportunity to study features of leukemic epizootic process in the region. For the first time in the middle Urals in Russia the molecular-genetic structure of the cattle leukemia virus was singled out. Phylogenetic analysis of virus derived from DNA sequencing has allowed classifying the studied strains and comparing them with global isolates. Determination of the virus genotype allows for deeper research to identify the pathogenetic variants of leukemic process development in a particular region – in the middle Urals. Study of genotypic diversity of the cattle leukemia virus opens new opportunities and additional approaches to the development of methods for health improvement in leukemia disadvantaged populations. Applications/Improvements: The data obtained will serve as a base for the creation of highly sensitive, specific primers for effective PCR diagnostics. 

Keywords: Cattle, Chain Reaction Method, DNA-sequencing, Genotype, Leukemia Virus, Molecular-genetic Structure, Polymerase 


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