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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 7, Pages: 665-675

Original Article

Study of the behavior of Cellulolytic microorganisms and Phosphate solubilizers associated with Rhizospheric soil of Espeletia grandiflora in two zones with different degree of intervention in Páramo Ocetá, Colombia

Received Date:31 August 2020, Accepted Date:22 October 2021, Published Date:05 March 2021


Objective: To evaluate the behavior of cellulolytic microorganisms and phosphate solubilizers associated with rhizospheric soil of Espeletia grandiflora in two areas with different degrees of intervention in the Ocetá paramo. Method: In the field phase 25 samples were taken from each zone. Preenrichment of the samples was performed and subsequently isolation for cellulolytic microorganisms and phosphate solubilizers on CMC and SRS agar; colonies were identified macroscopically and microscopically and characterized by means of biochemical tests. For data analysis, normality tests, t-student, and principal component analysis were performed. Results: Twelve microorganisms from cellulolytic groups and phosphate solubilizers were identified. The genus Oerskovia sp. and Cryptococcus sp. were the most frequent with a percentage of 31% and 33% respectively for the conserved area and for the intervened area with a value of 45% and 26%, this is due to their cellulolytic action in relation to Espeletia grandiflora. Regarding the two least frequent microorganisms, Fusarium sp. and Aspergillus sp. which are pathogenic for the plant, indicate that the frailejones are in a good state of growth. For the comparison of the frequencies of species in each zone, there was no significant difference. The principal component analysis yielded a relationship between the vectors and some species, possibly due to the variability that exists for each one, taking into account their needs for growth.

Keywords: Microbial ecology; cellulolytics; solubilizers; frailejones


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