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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 44, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

The Application of Principal Components Analysis to Recognize Essential Physical Fitness Components among Youth Development Archers of Terengganu, Malaysia


Objectives: To numerous individuals, archery is not generally seen as a sport demanding high levels of fitness in spites of long hours it takes during training and competition. Nonetheless, archers need to achieve a specific level in various aspects of fitness to permit them to perform the activity of shooting with exactness and have the capacity to repeat the activities without exhaustion. Determining the essential fitness attributes could help archers to reduce their long training hours by paying attention to the most mattered components. This study aims to identify the most essential physical fitness components needed for successful performance of archery. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A total of 17 youth archers with mean age ± 16.9 were repeatedly measured on basic physical fitness components, their scores were recorded, and Principle Components Analysis (PCA) was utilised to ascertain the most essential variables. Findings: The initial PCA identifies two components with higher Eigen value (>1). Moreover, PCA after varimax rotation indicates two components containing four and two varifacators (VF). The First VF revealing age (-0.69), BM1 (-0.71), 1 Minute sit-ups (0.75) and Predicted VO2max (0.78) recognising the need for endurance while, the second VF discloses V-sit and reach (0.75) and Maximum push-ups (0.76) identifying the requirement for upper muscular strength in the game. Application/ Improvement: The current study has successfully identified the most needed physical fitness variables in the productive performance of archery game.

Keywords: Archery, Physical Fitness Components, Principal Components Analysis, Youth Archers


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