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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 46, Pages: 1-13

Original Article

The Effect of DMZ Value Attributes on Eco-Tourism Attributes, Tourism Satisfaction, and Word of Mouth Intention -Focused on Imjingak Nation Tourism Attraction


Objectives: To make a study on an effect that De-militarized Zone (DMZ) value attribute has on eco-tourism attribute, tourism satisfaction and word-of-mouth intention. It is intended to examine tourism satisfaction for regional economy revitalization, symbolism as world peace park and eco-tourism choice attribute by DMZ value attribute based on a study of entire DMZ. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Based on the results of surveying tourists around Imjingak Resort, a regression analysis was carried out. In addition, its results were presented. The survey was carried out for about 2 weeks from 1 October 2015. And among 350 questionnaires, 316 questionnaires were used for analysis except 34 samples that lost goodness of fit as sample because of insincere response. A frequency analysis was made in order to grasp the characteristics of study participants. In addition, a factor analysis was made by utilizing Cronbach’s a coefficient in order to test reliability and validity. Before hypothesis test, a correlation analysis was made, and then a regression analysis was made, and its resultant values were presented. Findings: According to the results of study, it was shown that resource factor and historical factor had a significant effect on eco-tourism choice attribute. In addition, it was shown that, among eco-tourism choice attributes, only natural factor had an effect on tourism satisfaction, and natural factor and eco-exploration factor had an effect on word-of-mouth intention. Besides, it was shown that source factor and historical factor of DMZ value attribute had an effect on tourism satisfaction, and resource factor had an effect on word-of-mouth intention as well. As the results of study were checked, resource factor such as DMZ’s natural landscape and basin system was not related to time with colleague and family members or sense of belonging to organization. In addition, this was based on historical grief, territorial division because of characteristics of DMZ tour. Therefore, it was possible to infer that the tour was not the one where tourists focused on leisure only. And it was possible to find that compassion were created by inviting other people because a desire for word of mouth was formed in the process of observing and experiencing animals and plants in person through having an effect on word-of-mouth intention. This can regarded as phenomenon occurring when ordinary tourists are satisfied. Improvements/Applications: Recently, through events of reunions between South and North Korean family members, a preserved historic battlefield was accepted. Therefore, there was a large number of tourists and high satisfaction. And it was not possible to present strong theoretical basis for DMZ tour as the world’s last divided country. However, in the actual condition where the internationalization of DMZ tour is insufficient, it can be expected to provide very valuable implications also in improvement measures and activation measures in the future.

Keywords: Eco-Tourism Attributes,DMZ Value Attributes, Imjingak Nation Tourism Attraction, Tourism Satisfaction, Word of Mouth Intention


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