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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 12, Pages: 1668-1675

Original Article

The hydrocarbon potential of the Nigerian Chad Basin from wireline logs


The need to find an alternative energy source to the Niger Delta has re-enacted interest in the Nigerian Chad (Borno) basin; this work was done in order to evaluate the potential of the basin to generate commercial hydrocarbon. Three (3) Wireline logs from well GUBIO #1, NGAMMA#1 and NGOR#1 of the OPL 419 in the Chad Basin were used for this study. The Gamma ray log, Caliper, Neutron, Density, Sonic, and Resistivity logs were used to identify the reservoir zones (lithology), fractured rock, determine Porosity, identify overpressures zones, and estimate the water and hydrocarbon saturation. In the analysis of the GUBIO#1 well SP and Gamma log were used to predict the environment of the deposition. Fourteen (14), Ten (10), and Eight (8) reservoir zones were delineated for GUBIO #1, NGAMMA#1 and NGOR#1 respectively. With porosity ranging between 4.5-46%, 6-36%, & 2.5-44%, apparent resistivity of 0.0012- 35.52Ωm, 0.02-9.23Ωm & 0.02-26.25Ωm, estimated water saturation (Sw) that lies within 0-35%, 4.9-45.2% & 21-100% for the three wells in that order. The environment of inferred from the SP log shows initial deposition of regressive, and later transgressive to transitional sandstone facies. From this study, the Nigerian Chad basin is a petroleum province with abundant gas than oil and as such can be said to a gas province.
Keywords: Nigeria, Chad Basin, Gas, logs, Hydrocarbon, Wireline.


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