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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 32, Pages: 1-5

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Towards The Adoption of Modern Software Development Approach: Component Based Software Engineering


Objectives: This paper discusses about the component based software engineering approach along with its classification of various approaches of CBSE and Component Based Development [CBD] and the life cycle development model of Component Based Software Development [CBSD] has been proposed by the component re-usability concept in lieu of reducing the software cost. Method: The main focus of the software engineering and component based software engineering is the development of the software in such a manner that it might be used again for the development of some other software. Component Based Software Engineering [CBSE] includes the use of components lying in the component repository while software re-engineering focusses relies with using the concept of forward and reverse engineering. This is done for reducing the software development cost by making use of Component Based Software Engineering [CBSE] principles and s/w reengineering techniques. Findings: Now a-days the development of software from the scratch has become less prioritized and is being used very less. Component based software engineering plays a very vital role in developing of the software not from scratch but instead using the existing components for the development of new software. Hence it can be concluded or finded that the cost of the software development from the re-usability concept can be reduced to a large extent in comparison to the software development from the very scratch being a very costly measure. The proposed model will be helpful in reducing the software development cost by using the component based development strategy. Applications / Improvements: The proposed SDLC model for CBSD can be used for the real life applications as well and thereby can be re-used again and again as per the requirements of the industry
Keywords: CBD, CBSD, CBSE, 


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