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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 25, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Viscosity, Micro-Leakage, Water Solubility and Absorption in a Resin-based Temporary Filling Material


The purpose of this study is to examine viscosity, micro-leakage, water solubility and absorption by using various lines of the resin-based temporary filling materials that have flow-ability. The experimental group included 3 types such as Denkist, Korea), Once-fil flow (Mediclus, Korea), Temp-it flow (Spident, Korea). The control group was used composite resin (FiltekTM bulk fill, 3M, USA). Four groups by 5 pieces were classified by using the bovine tooth specimens. Viscometer (Wells Brookfield Cone/Plate, USA) was used for measuring viscosity. The measurement of micro-leakage was carried out thermo-cycling (Thermocycling, M.S.I Co., Korea) with giving a change in temperature totally 1000 times at 5℃ and 55℃. The specimen was penetrated the 2% methylene blue dye solution. The water solubility and absorption were gauged by using a precision scale (XS105, Mettler-toledo Inc., Germany). The following results were obtained. The viscosity in Filtek was the highest. Once-fil flow and Temp-it flow showed viscosity at a similar level. The viscosity in Quicks flow was the lowest, thereby having shown significant difference from other materials. Filtek had none with 0 in micro-leakage score, thereby having shown statistically significant difference from 3 groups. As for water absorption, the Temp-it flow group came to 58.96 (μg/㎜3 ± 1.63), thereby having indicated the largest water absorption. However, the significant difference wasn't shown in the remaining groups. In terms of solubility, the Quicks flow group amounted to 8.33 μg/㎜3 ± 0.32, thereby having shown the largest solubility. The significant difference wasn't shown in the remaining groups. In conclusion, the resin-based temporary filling materials, which were used in the experiment, couldn't be confirmed the material-based difference in viscosity, micro-leakage, water solubility and absorption.
Keywords: Micro Leakage, Viscosity, Water Absorption, Water Solubility


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